Belting Services

At Press and Fab we hold large stocks of high quality belting for immediate despatch.

With extensive stock of both new and reconditioned belting we are able to provide the best application for your needs

All new EP belting in various cover grades is manufactured to BS490 and DIN 22102 at very competitive prices.

Chevron Belting
Used on incline conveyors where there is a risk of run back materials.

We offer a full range of different heights and profiles to suit most applications.

A 15mm high cleat is suitable from 18 degrees to 30 degrees and 25mm high cleats for up to 40 degrees.

All chevron belting has integrally moulded cleats into the top cover at manufacture.

Heat Resistant Belting
With covers resistant to 150 or 180 – 200 degrees Celsius for use in carrying cement, clinker slag and foundry sand. Press and fab has had much success with this product and has proven itself against the competition consistently with its abrasion resistant qualities.

Fire Retardant Belting
For the use in carrying highly flammable materials to reduce the risk of combustion.

Oil Resistant Belting
In two varieties for moderate and high oil resistance. This belt type is used within recycling and other industries for handling grain, fertilizers, fodder mixtures, soyabeans, tinned goods, wood containing resin and applications where oily and fatty materials are transported.

Chemical Resistant Belting
For operating under highly corrosive conditions like potash as urea handling plants.

Hygienic Belts
Rubber hygienic belts (white) using FDA approved polymers are a specialty. These belts are used in the food processing industry. Other varieties are also designed to meet specific customer needs – e.g. bare back, profile, anti-stick, antistatic, etc.

Gripface Belts
Gripface is manufactured with an impression finish on the belts top cover it is an ideal application for carrying packages or bags up an incline it can also be used for animal exercise machines.

Elevator Belts
These belts are used for carrying materials up at a vertical incline with either plastic or metal buckets bolted on to the belt.

Second Hand Belts
Press and Fab can also supply used belting that has been quality passed to ensure that it is suitable for its requirements.

Specialised Application
We also manufacture belts for specialised applications such as pipe conveyor, bareback / flat belts, anti stick, and antistatic belts with the combination of properties like FR-HR, FR-OR, HR-OR etc.

Ripstop Belts
With metal wires embedded in the top cover across the belt, used where there is a high risk of materials ripping the belt along its length.

Skirt Rubber
Two types are supplied:- The 40 degree Shore hard in 6mm and 10mm thickness is red in colour. This has the highest skirting performance with very long service life, coupled with high rolling resilience offering excellent sealing and wear performance without damaging the belt. The 60 degree Shore hard in 6mm, 10mm and 15mm is black in colour. This rubber is harder and less resilient and stiffer when the application requires but still has excellent abrasion resistant qualities.

Specialised Belts To Order
Press and Fab offers an in house service where we are able to make specialised belts that are made to order i.e. endless, sidewall and cleated belts, complete elevator belts and rubber chute socks.


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